About Garadagh Brickworks


Garadagh Brickworks produces the highest-quality bricks available in Azerbaijan. The output equates to 28 van-loads on a daily basis, necessitating the departure of one laden van every 50 mins.

In order to maintain consistent quality, the freshly quarried clay is delivered to a special holding field, with a controlled environment to eliminate any possible contamination. Stones are removed via an extrusion process. Thereafter, the resultant clay passes through two pairs of smoothed shafts, then entering a vacuum press, where it is shaped under high pressure. Following this, the clay is conveyed to the cutting equipment, the bricks then being permitted to hydrate in the open air on trolleys, prior to being sent to the drying chambers.

Gaining Strength

The final production stage involves baking the bricks in a tunnel furnace at 800–850 ºC, prior to being cooled and prepared for despatch. New technologies are constantly being installed to further enhance productivity. The bricks are despatched throughout Azerbaijan, where they are the construction material of choice.

  • Brickworks Site: 5ha
  • Brickworks Location: Off the western section of the Sahil-Mushvigabad highway
  • Equipment: Machines and furnaces supplied by Ar-San of Turkey
  • Output: 150–200 tonnes / 20,000–45,000 bricks each day, depending on brick type
  • Clay field site: 5ha
  • Clay field location: South-west of the Gizildash district
  • Clay quality: Within prescribed quality tolerances