AFB Bank

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Established under license by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan in November 2008, AFB Bank is joint-stock bank, which commenced commercial operation in February 2009.


Offering corporate and retail banking services, the bank's strategy is to become a leading financial institution in the Azerbaijan Financial Services Industry, by establishing a client-oriented organisation structure and a business model designed to international standards.

AFB Bank – The main principles:

  • A multi-channel approach to distributing products, including: ATMs, internet and telephone banking;
  • A client-oriented organisation structure and advisory-based model;
  • Active and integrated cross-sell of an increasing range of financial services to both corporate and retail clients;
  • Significant investment in technology and advanced workflow techniques to enhance client service and cost efficiencies;
  • Goals and sales-oriented working environment that promotes and rewards initiative and effectiveness;
  • Transparent management and governance structure;

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