Gabala Shooting Club

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Gabala Shooting Club (GSC) has been operated since 2012 in the fast-growing region of Gabala, a historical center in Azerbaijan


Gabala Shooting Club is part of the Gabala Sport Club, a world-class facility that prepares the athletes for the national teams of Azerbaijan in shooting, boxing, karate, taekwondo, soccer, and judo. The reason behind building the GSC was to develop a multi-purpose and world-class shooting facility in Azerbaijan that can serve both as a recreational and entertainment center, and as a training place for the national shooting team and international professionals, as well as to promote the shooting as a sport in national level.


  • Creation of top level conditions to provide preparation process of professional sportsmen to important competitions;
  • Creation conditions for visitors to spend their leisure time with doing sports and leading healthy life-style.

Facilities available at club's area

  • 5 combined shooting ranges
  • 8 sporting ranges
  • 3 indoor and outdoor rifle/pistol halls
  • Archery shooting pitch
  • Flag square
  • Shooting School
  • Restrooms
  • Greenness for rest of sportsmen and visitors
  • Strikeball/Paintball
  • 2 office blocks
  • Medical point
  • Children playground
  • Restaurant and lounge
  • Photo studio
  • Sport-hunting appliances shop
  • Parking lot