About Gabala Building Materials


Gabala Building Materials manufactures cementitious construction chemicals. Two production lines are used to manufacture different powder types; the lines incorporate two filling machines, which pack quantities of one and five kg. The factory produces 30,000 tonnes of powder per annum.


Gabala Building Materials also includes a modern brickworks, which opened in 2006. Designed and constructed under the instruction of specialists at the Rostov State University of Civil Engineering, Russia, the plant produces compressed bricks with dimensions of 65×125×250mm. It is the sole manufacturer of type 150 firewall bricks in the Caucasus. Such bricks are widely used to construct the façades of furnaces and buildings. In 2007, the product range was augmented with a plant dedicated to the production of partition bricks.

  • Established: 2005
  • Area: 14.5ha
  • Location: basin of the Damiraparan River in the Gabala region
  • Plant type: Ugur-90 + (x2) CD-109
  • Hourly capacity: 90m³ + (x2) 30m³
  • Aggregate clasifications: 5-10, 10-15 and 15-20 fractions
  • Annual Capacity: 15m (partition bricks: 5m)