About Gilan&Knauf plasterboards


Gilan&Knauf plasterboards was launched in 2006 in partnership with Gilan Holding and Knauf Gips AG. Grenzebach machinery & laboratory equipment is used with annual capacity of 8 million m² of gypsum cardboard. Gilan & Knauf Plasterboard's product range comprises water - and flame-retardant slabs with thicknesses of 9.5 and 12.5mm, predominantly for the Azerbaijani market. A railway link has been constructed, expediting transportation of raw materials to the facility and finished products to client.

The site is equipped with next-generation technology, installed and maintained by specialist machinery producers based in Russia and Germany. Furthermore, employees undertake regular training courses in Turkey and Russia to ensure their expertise remains current. Polyethylene bags, timber and glue are sourced from Azerbaijani producers. Gilan has established a policy to source materials locally for its plasterboard company, a directive designed to enhance and stimulate the Azerbaijani economy.