About Agro-Azerinvest


Agro-Azerinvest was established in 2004 in Gabala, Azerbaijan. Its objective is to restore the former glory of Azerbaijani vineyards, achieving excellence in wine manufacturing. The production process is undertaken entirely in-house, beginning with vineyard propagation, through to grape processing, manufacturing and marketing of an established selection of wine.

During the 2004–07 period, the company imported next-generation equipment, and grapes from Georgia (Saperavi, Rkasiteli, Mtsvane, Alexanderauli), France (Cabernet, Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir) and other countries, together with raisin varieties from Uzbekistan, such as Batir, black raisin, white raisin and pink tayfu. Agro-Azerinvest is also establishing new vineyards in Azerbaijan's traditional grape-planting regions, including Goygol, Samukh, Tovuz, Yevlakh, Gabala and Lankaran.

Introducing Grape Varieties

The company has established an experimental 2ha field, planting over 100 grape varieties including those from France (Merlot, Chardonnay, Alicante, Verdo, Marselan, Sultanin, Danita, Carignan and Prima). Agro-Azerinvest has also planted grape varieties recommended by the Magarach Grape and Wine National Institute of the Crimea, such as Muskat, Karaburnu, the Crimean Pearl, Magarach Citrone, Cardinal, Risling and Cracen. Varieties from the USA, Iran, Italy and other countries have also been planted.

Agro-Azerinvest has developed a training programme designed to create a network of national vine propagation and wine specialists. The company has established a college course in association with the Azerbaijan Agriculture Academy in Ganja. Following graduation, students join the company to further develop their knowledge of the wine production process.

Global Collaboration

Agro-Azerinvest collaborates closely with experienced overseas vineyard owners and wine manufacturers. Specialists from Gontard Frères, France, regularly visit the vineyards and nurseries to conduct site monitoring and soil analysis, and to provide advice on the development process. The company also collaborates with the Mouris Enologia Laboratory of France and Magarach Grape and Wine National Institute of the Crimea, thereby ensuring that the wine satisfies international standards criteria.

Agro-Azerinvest has recently entered into a long-term agreement with the Italian company, Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo (VCR). Its vineyard products are supplied to the Agro-Azerinvest subsidiary, Aspi-Agro, also located in the Gabala region.

  • Established: 2004
  • Main grape varieties: 
  • French – Cabernet, Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir
  • Georgian – Saperavi, Rkasiteli, Mtsvane, Alexanderauli
  • Hectares: 2000
  • Vineyards: Gabala, Goygol, Samukh, Tovuz, Yevlakh, Gabala, Lankaran
  • Certification: EN ISO 9001; HACCP TS -13001

Agro-Azerinvest also produces a selection of grape-derived beverages, including high-quality wine and brandy, primarily designed for export. It also manufactures brandy alcohol, in addition to cultivating and marketing fresh table grapes.