About Gilan Mills


Gilan operates the Araz Mill in Baku, a 13ha site incorporating the most technologically-advanced milling equipment in the region. Commencing operations in 2005, the mill is designed to operate at optimum efficiency, with production equipment manufactured by Turkish company Ugur Makina, ensuring the highest quality products

All milling processes, including grain cleaning, humidifying and grinding, are automated using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology. Each element of the production process, from grain receipt to completion of the finished product, is directly controlled from the operator room. Finished products are automatically packaged, ensuring the optimisation of hygiene and minimising labour requirements.

The Araz Mill is used to manufacture premium-quality fine flours of types one and two, in addition to bran. It also offers storage facility services. Marketed under the Jala trademark, Gilan products are retailed on a quality footing. The site boasts a 45,000 tonne grain storage facility, and has a maximum production capacity of 500 tonnes per day.

Gilan is constructing a new mill in Khirdalan on the northern outskirts of Baku. The site will comprise a windmill and grain storage complex situated on an 11ha area, offering a total production of 1000 tonnes per day.

Araz Mill (Baku)

  • Established: 2005
  • Site: 13ha
  • Total production capacity: 500 tonnes per day
  • Production: fine flour – types 1 & 2, bran

Khirdalan Mill

  • Established: 2010 (under construction)
  • Site: 11ha
  • Total production capacity: 1000 tonnes per day
  • Production: fine flour – types 1 & 2, bran