About Gilan Plastic


Gilan Plastics was established in 2007 and produces a range of plastic products for the consumer and business markets. The company is headquartered in the Khojasan District of Baku at a 1,200m² production facility. The production site is equipped with specialist machinery sourced from China, Turkey and South Korea. It processes ethylene and polyethylene predominately sourced locally in Azerbaijan.

The company produces plastic products for other Gilan companies, in addition to a large number of corporate clients. Gilan Plastics has collaborated with corporations including: Mars Overseas Baku-Pepsi Cola; European Tobacco Baku Ltd; Carmen LLC; Lider Cola; Panda Paints; Aysu; Ay Gida; Baktel LLC; Azinko Holding; Wholesale stores of Sadarak Business Centre; Delfin Plastic; and Turquoise Construction.

The company's production site is undergoing continual development, with additional store housing and machinery being added regularly to meet demand. In addition to its main activity, Gilan Plastics produces paint and emulsion containers, plastics chairs (including seating for stadia), and numerous ancillary products for the food industry.

  • Established: 2007;
  • Area: 1,200m²;
  • Production capacity: 60kg/hr.

Products include:

  • Shopping bags;
  • Food packaging;
  • Polyethylene rolls;
  • Polyethylene sacks;
  • Hotbed covers;
  • Household dishes.