Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility and Concepts of Social Marketing playing an integral part of the activity of the "Gilan Holdinq".

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As well as any company considering the benefit of the health of consumers by means of each new product, the "Gilan Holdinq" has determined for itself the observance of the Corporate Social Responsibility as the basic condition. Therefore the main principle of the "Gilan Holdinq" standing on the path leading to leadership in construction, tourism and manufacturing is presenting qualitative products which meet high standard requirements.

The company does not only provide people with qualitative products, but also starts additional workplaces within the framework of new projects accomplishing the Corporate Social Responsibility requirement. The main principle of the "Gilan Holdinq" is manufacturing only from local raw material, from the products growing on the fertile soil of Azerbaijan. Alongside with the mission in relation to the public, as the first necessity the "Gilan Holdinq" considers improvement of working condition and lives of the employees by means of the activity of giving benefit to the society and accelerating economic development.

The labour of the enterprise is – our basic potential. The "Gilan Holdinq" creates such favorable atmosphere for each employee that especially this atmosphere attracts to our enterprise specifically professional employees, increasing and developing their motivation. The working atmosphere arises owing to the mechanism of management, the basic policy of which is the observance of the employees` rights, safety and health, opportunities for career growth, ethical standards and professionalism. This, in its turn, tells about the correct development of the functioning of the Corporate Social Responsibility. The "Gilan Holdinq" incurs the responsibility for formation of favorable working atmosphere, the main value of which is the improvement of the life standard of employees. The company recognizes the rights of the persons interested in working for the good of the enterprise within the territories and at the offices of the factory, irrespective of gender, age, religious views, marital status and education.

The majority of the staff is qualified experts, who are notable for their responsibility, good morals, great labour potential and productivity. Success of the "Gilan Holdinq" is based on excellent results of the work of the employees of the enterprise. Successful development of the enterprise is the result of the high level of the workers` activity. Paying attention to the control over safety and calmness of workers as much as possible, protecting them from accidents while the working process, the "Gilan Holdinq" precisely observes all the requirements of the Code of Public Health Services, Safety and Security of the Environment.

Our duty is:

  • Respecting each employee, recognizing his/her individuality;
  • Wide discussion of any problem and finding out optimum decisions;
  • Carrying out of propaganda among workers within the limits of the company interests;
  • Estimation of the work of employees at their true worth.

The work policy of the "Gilan Holdinq" is based on maximal harmlessness in relation to the environment, which in its turn, is the absolute demand of the Corporate Social Responsibility. We propagate this policy not only among our workers, but also among our clients and the companies cooperating with us. We have lowered the use of natural resources in our work up to minimum. In the process of manufacturing ecologically natural and clean product observing all existing norms and standards, and also on the background of observing the Corporate Social Responsibility the "Gilan Holdinq" has made progress in earning a positive estimation of the public. Such kind of activity successfully proves itself absolutely in all areas. Thus the "Gilan Holdinq" recommends itself as the company bringing benefit to the society.