About Gabala Asphalt


One of the predominant objectives of Gilan is to enhance the Azerbaijani economy in all business sectors. Demand for building materials has escalated to an unprecedented level since the early 1990s. In particular, a country-wide road-building programme has begun, stimulating a requirement for all related materials, including asphalt.

New Roads = New Plants

New Roads = New Plants The Gilan Asphalt Company comprises five plants in different regions of Azerbaijan. The plants in Gabala, Gazakh, Gobustan and Lankaran have production capacities of 40 tones per hour, whereas the plant in Yevlakh has an hourly output of 160 tonnes. Gilan Asphalt creates nationwide jobs and satisfies the requirement for asphalt throughout the country.

The asphalt produced in Gabala is used for the renovation of roads across the region, including Oghuz. The DS-185 equipment used in the plant is manufactured by Kredmash, one of the leading asphalt machinery manufacturers, based in Kremenchug, Ukraine.

Beyond The Capital

The asphalt manufactured in the Gazakh region is used to renovate roads in the immediate vicinity, including Tovuz. A Kredmash DS-185 plant was installed to facilitate the reconstruction of a 35km section of the Gazakh-Sinig Bridge Road. The asphalt manufactured at the plant satisfies international standards of technical quality. Experienced German specialists have helped to optimize efficiency.

The plant in the Yevlakh region is one of the largest in Azerbaijan. The Lankaran-based site is also equipped with a Kresdmash DS-185 plant.