About Inspection Development Monitoring (IDM)


IDM stands for Inspection Development Monitoring. We manage development projects to international quality standards and are committed to efficiency, transparency and integrity. Our aim is to flawlessly deliver and perfectly communicate development results to our client and to establish sustainable client relations in the construction market. IDM delivers development

IDM is currently providing the following main services within the construction sector:


Inspection of completed construction projects, ranking of technical quality, financial efficiency and profitability & valuation.


Turnkey delivery of construction, interior and re-development projects including contract and tender management, process and cost control, concept design and architectural planning.


Monitoring of ongoing construction projects, on site safety control, technical quality ranking, financial feasibility and process control. 

Furthermore, IDM offers on-construction-site advertising, construction related consulting services like feasibility studies, regulatory legal advice and construction-market related business mediation & facilitation as well as renovation, redesign & repairs-maintenance.