About Gilan Agrotech


Based in Gabala, the Gilan Agrotech Service is designed to enable farmers and landowners to capitalise on the regional environment, which may be harnessed to successfully undertake both arable propagation and livestock breeding. The Service currently includes 36 tractors and 60 pieces of high-quality agricultural equipment manufactured in Belarus. The service also provides training courses in agrotech subjects, in both the arable and livestock sectors.

The region includes an extensive, newly-planted hazelnut grove that contains a 104ha area from which nuts are harvested. Agrotech concepts have particularly been applied to apple, pear, cherry, peach and apricot trees. Further fruit trees are to be planted, with the designated fields being prepared and irrigation systems being constructed. The Service has also planted wheat in a 1088ha area, barley across 123ha, and maize in 60ha of fields.


  • Fruit trees/Hazlenut trees – 104ha
  • Wheat production – 1088ha
  • Barley production – 123ha
  • Maize production – 60ha
  • Clover production – 90ha
  • Hay production – 259ha